Transcripts and Records

How to Obtain Official Transcripts:

Bronx Arena High School is the custodian of records for the following schools: Bronx Academy High School, Bronx Outreach, Bronx Borough Academy and Felisa Rincon de Gautier Institute for Law and Public Policy.

Please fill out this form for any transcript request

Transcript Request Form

You MUST state your last name, first name, date of birth, year of graduation or discharge, include a telephone number in case there are any questions.

How to Obtain Copies of Your Diploma:

Diplomas are never photocopied – we will, however, provide an official DIPLOMA LETTER, which states that you have completed the Bronx Arena High School program etc. You MUST state last name, first name, date of birth, year of graduation, etc.


Graduation Verifications must be done in writing – information needed is last name, date of birth, year of graduation.

If you have questions please contact Luissanna Reyes by email at: